Provisions Which do not Apply in the Case of a Winding Up Subject to Supervision of the Court

Statement of company’s affairs to be submitted to official receiver. S 168.
Report by official receiver. s 169.
Power of court to appoint liquidator. s 170.
Appointment and powers of provisional liquidator. s 171.
Appointment and style of liquidators. s 172.
Provisions where person other than official receiver is appointed liquidator. s 173.
General provisions as to liquidators. s 174 except subs. (5).
Exercise and control of liquidators’ powers s 178.
Books to be kept by liquidator. S 179.
Payments of liquidator into Savings Bank. s 180.
Audit of liquidator’s accounts. s 181.
Release of liquidators. s 182.
Meetings of creditors and contributories to determine whether committee of inspection shall be appointed. s 183.
Constitution and proceedings of committee of inspection. s 184.
Powers of court where no committee of inspection. s 185.
Appointment of special manager. s 193.
Power to order public examination of promoters and directors. s 199.
Power to restrain fraudulent persons from managing companies. s 200.
Power to appoint official receiver as receiver for debenture holders or creditors. s 272.

(LEGAL NOTICE NO. 105 OF 2001)

Schedule 8

as replaced


L.N. 105/01.