Provisions Referred to in Section 300 of the Ordinance

Provisions relating to—
Conclusiveness of certificate of incorporation; s 16.
Specific requirements as to particulars in prospectus; s 35.
Prohibition of allotment in certain cases unless statement in lieu of prospectus delivered to Registrar; s 40.
Return as to allotments; s 42.
Registration of charges created by companies registered in Gibraltar; s 77.
Duty of company to register charges created by company; s 78(1).
Duty of company to register charges existing on property acquired; s 79.
Application of Part III to companies incorporated outside Gibraltar, s 88.
Restrictions on commencement of business; s 91.
The particulars as to directors and indebtedness of the company; s 100(3).
Statutory meeting and statutory report; (m) & (n)
Auditors’ report and right to information and explanations; s 105.
Restrictions on appointment of advertisement of director; s 126(1)
Notice by liquidator of his appointment; s 229.
Delivery to Registrar of accounts of receivers and managers; s 275.
Documents to be delivered to Registrar by companies carrying business in Gibraltar; s 289.
Return to be delivered to Registrar where documents altered, s 290.
Balance sheet of company carrying on business in Gibraltar; s 291.
Obligation to state name of company. s 292.