Gibraltar Companies

The types of companies that had been allowed under Gibraltar Law until recent time are Gibraltar tax exempt companies, Gibraltar Non-Resident companies, Gibraltar Hybrid companies and  Gibraltar Qualifying companies. The Non-Resident Company is probably the most practical type to meet your needs for your offshore international business activities.

The Gibraltar Companies Ordinance is based on the UK Companies Act 1929, which has been amended and enhanced after that. Tax status for various types of Gibraltar companies is established primarily by the Gibraltar Companies (taxation and cooncessions) Ordinance of 1967.

After the reform which was in 2003 there is no so much difference between the two main types of companies Gibraltar non-resident and resident company. During this reform, the Gibraltar Government implemented zero tax rate on Company profits for all Gibraltar companies, both local and international. Thus, third parties will not be able to distinguish between onshore and offshore companies.

In the last years, the financial services sector of Gibraltar economy has experienced steady growth and now accounts for 20% of GDP. Gibraltar non-resident companies offer unique opportunities to avoid taxation efficiently and within European Union. One of the main advantages of Gibraltar is absence of bureaucratic delays. Companies may be incorporated within some days, shelf companies are also available, documents can be quickly notarised and legalised within Gibraltar.

The main corporate legislation is the Companies Ordinance Act 1984, based on the amended English Company Law, 1929. The Financial Services Ordinance and its regulations comply with the requirements of the EU Directives concerning collective investment schemes. The companies may also take advantage of EU Directives 90/435, concerned with the exemption from withholding tax of dividends paid by the subsidiaries to parent companies. The interest and royalties can be paid between member state companies without the imposition of withholding tax.

Exchange Control


Restrictions on Trading

Gibraltar company is not permitted to conduct out banking, insurance, mutual fund management, public investment management, or any associated activity.