Company Management

Non-resident company must maintain local registered office where the statutory book of the company must be kept, and a local corporate secretary. Nominee services are available for owners and directors.

Annual report is required, accounts are required to be produced to shareholders at annual general meetings, and must be audited by Gibraltar auditors. The accounts however are not required to be filed and are not open to public.

Annual return giving details of the directors of the company, company's share structure and the shareholder's names and holdings, must be filed at the Companies Registry once a year.

Gibraltar non-resident company requires only one shareholder. It is possible for a company to have corporate shareholders. It is also permissible for non-resident company to have corporate directors.

The beneficial ownership of Gibraltar non-resident companies is not disclosed. Under Gibraltar Law, the identity of the beneficiaries must be kept strictly confidential by all persons and officials concerned with the Company or its management.

Gibraltar non-resident companies are not designed to accommodate bearer shares.