Company Names

Gibraltar non-resident company names should end in 'Limited', to denote limited liability - unless the shareholders have unlimited liability. The Registrar of Companies reserves the right to refuse any name which is identical or similar to an existing company, or is inappropriate, undesirable or offensive (in the Registrar's opinion), which may imply an activity associated with the banking or finance industry, for example, "Association", "Bank", "Imperial", "Assurance", "Group", "International", "Royal" or "Trust".

The names may not include Bank, Assurance, Insurance, Association, Royal, Imperial, Trust, Trustee, Holdings, Group, Europe, Gibraltar, International. A non-resident company cannot use a name without special permission, which is identical or similar to an existing company;

Following words require special permission from the Gibraltar authorities to be used in a company name, and such permission is very difficult to obtain. These sensitive words are: British, National, Gibraltar or Great Britain, Authority, board or council, Association, Federation or Society, Patent or Patentee, Chamber of Commerce, and/or Trade and/or Industry, Co-operative, Group Holding(s), Post office, Giro or Stock Exchange, Register or registered, Friendly Society or Industrial Provident Society, Trade Union, Charter or Chartered, Benevolent, Foundation or Fund, Chemist or Chemistry or Pharmaceutical, Police, Customs, Immigration, Foundation, School or University or College; Club, Authority, Council, Federation, Institute, Trust, and Investment Trust, Unit Trust, Bank, Directors, Financial, Savings, Commodities, Brokers, Credit, Nominee, Dire.