Company Structure

Structure of Gibraltar Non-Resident company is very flexible. There is no minimum Authorized Share Capital. The standard is 2,000 British Pounds. Also, there is no limit or maximum capitalization, the capital duty is 0.5% of Authorized capital. Non-resident corporations do not require more than one director. A director may be a natural person or a corporate entity, nominee directors may be used. The minimum number of shareholders is one. A resident secretary is required. There is a Public Register of Shares, but Nominee Shareholders are usually used.  Bearer Shares are allowed. Public Register of Shares is required.

Shareholders, Directors & Officers

According to the Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 1992, a Gibraltar company may have one shareholder and one director who may be the same person, either a corporation or individual. There is no restriction as to the nationality of shareholders and directors. Nominee shareholders and directors are allowed. A company secretary is required.

There is a requirement for an Annual General Meeting of shareholders to be held once a year. There is no restriction as to the location of the meeting. Director's meetings are not required. Every company must have a registered office in Gibraltar, to keep the statutory books of the company.

Companies Registry

Each company is required to submit an annual return to the Registrar of Companies, which includes details of the shareholders, directors, company secretaries, the capital of the company.

There is a requirement to file annual financial statements, and no requirement for disclosure of the beneficial owner. Details of all directors and shareholders who have ever held office with respect to the company, the capital of the company, any charges registered office, the memorandum and articles of association of the company.