Corporate Books and Records

Non-resident Gibraltar companies are required to identify commencement dates for their financial years for the period from April 1 to March 31. Companies must file accounts at the Gibraltar Companies Registry relating to their chosen year-long fiscal period within 13 months from the chosen financial year end.

Annual Accounts are to be filed in accordance with the following regulation. Small companies are only required to file an abridged balance sheet, signed by the Company Directors. They are not required to provide a profit and loss account or Auditors Report. A company that satisfies at least two of the following conditions is treated as small:

- turnover not exceeding GBP 4.8 million;

- balance sheet total not exceeding GBP 2.4 million;

- average number of employees not exceeding 50 persons in a year.

Medium sized companies are required to file a Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and an Auditors report; the information in the Profit & Loss account may be abridged containing limited details. A company should satisfy two of the following conditions to be treated as medium:

- turnover not exceeding GBP 19.2 million;

- balance sheet not exceeding GBP 9.6 million;

- average number of employees not exceeding 250 persons in the year.

Large companies must file Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheet and an Auditor's Report. The accounts are not available to the public.

Government Register of Directors is held and maintained. A Government Register of Shareholders is maintained.

Confidentiality of beneficial owners is ensured by using of nominee services.