Corporate Requirements

Minimum Capital - 100 paid up share capital, or equivalent amount in another currency;

Time to incorporate normally 3 days. One day urgent incorporation is also available;

Shelf companies available yes;

Capital duty - 10;

Minimum number of shareholders one;

Bearer shares - available, but must be held on behalf of the beneficial owner by a licensed deposit taker such as a bank;

Shares of no par value not available;

Company name prior approval is not required. Many sensitive words e.g. Bank, Trust, Royal, Group, Gibraltar, etc. Company name must end with Limited;

Minimum number of directors one;

Corporate directors allowed yes;

Location of directors no restriction;

Corporate secretary allowed;

Location of secretary no restriction;

Registered office required;

Registered agent not required;

Information on public record directors, secretaries, shareholders, registered office address, memorandum & articles, annual returns, annual financial statements;

Documents to be kept at Registered office -  Register of Members, Directors Mortgages & Charges, Company seal;

Corporate books and seal corporate registers must be kept in Gibraltar and usually retained at the Registered Office. Seal may be dispensed with;

Filing of accounts required. Filing of unaudited summary balance sheet required for small companies. For medium and large companies more detailed accounts required.

Annual return required;

Meetings to be held no restriction as to location;

Annual fees payable to the government tax / annual return filing fee, 30;

Exchange control none;

Double tax treaties none;

Government duties payable -  An Annual Return is due every calendar year at a cost of 30 with a late filing penalty of 20. An accounts filing fee of 10 is payable when the balance sheet is filed at Companies House.