Advantages of Incorporation

Gibraltar is very attractive jurisdiction for offshore business conduct due to the following factors:

- Good geographical location and bilingual (English and Spanish) territory;

- Cost effectiveness and attractive financial regime for offshore investors;

- Political stability and special status within the EU;

- Gibraltar is a reputable finance center within the European Union, and Gibraltar companies in some cases are treated more favorably compared to those registered in purely offshore jurisdictions;

- Excellent infrastructure and communications;

- Gibraltar has not concluded double taxation agreements with other jurisdictions, meaning that no information in regard of international business company is exchnged with other countries fiscal authorities;

- Favorable tax status for offshore banks;

- No exchange control;

- More simple and cost-effective companies' incorporation and running than in many other offshore jurisdictions;

-  Gibraltar non-resident companies are not liable to taxation in Gibraltar;

- Both individuals and business entities may be directors;

- Both individuals and business entities may be directors.